Comprehensive Services

  • In Depth Clinical Assessment
  • Driver Evaluation & Training
  • Specializing in "High-Tech" Driving Systems
  • Hand Controls, Cars & Trucks
  • Assessment of Transfers, Loading, unloading of wheelchair/scooter or other Adaptive Equipment
  • On-The-Road Assessment of Skills
  • Detailed Driver-Vehicle Fit Assessment
  • Vehicle Modification Evaluation/Prescription
  • Direct Communication with Equipment Dealer/Installer
  • Vehicle/Equipment Fitting & Functional Inspection
  • Client Training in Personal Vehicle
  • Family/Caregiver Education

Driving Components

Each is necessary, with a varying degree in the performance of the driving task.

  • Physical Function - range of motion, strength, coordination, endurance, and sensation.
  • Vision - visual acuity, depth perception, contrast sensitivity, peripheral, color recognition.
  • Cognition - attention, judgment, memory, spatial, perception, problem solving
  • Reaction Time - the ability to respond timely and accurately with regard to the driving task.
  • Self Control - ability to modulate oneself in response to demands in a driving environment.
    (A physician order/plan may be required)

Our Staff

  • Board Certified, Licensed Occupational Therapists, with the extensive training and knowledge needed to recognize the impact of medical conditions and/or the aging process on driving performance.
  • Driver Education Endorsements.
  • Specialized training in Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation.
  • Member of (ADED) the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.
  • Member of (AOTA) The American Occupational Therapy Association Inc.
  • Associate Member of (NMEDA) National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association.

Brian A. Iadarola, OTR/L, CDRS

Mr. Iadarola has been practicing as an Occupational Therapist since 1997 and has been providing Driver Rehabilitation Services since 2004.

He is the President of Drivabilities, a private practice located in Louisville, Kentucky, specializing in Evaluation and Training with Cars, Trucks, Vans, and High-Tech Driving Systems.