Driving Program Information

Our driving rehabilitation program is designed for individuals who, due to physical or cognitive limitations may question their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Listed below are the steps we will take.

First, a physician order is necessary for participation in the program. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist in obtaining a prescription from your physician and throughout the paperwork process.

The driving evaluation consists of various screening tools, assessments, standardized tests and an in-vehicle evaluation and documentation of the results. Based on these results, the therapist will make a recommendation to your physician concerning your readiness to drive.

Drivabilities is not affiliated with the state Division of Driver Licensing, and a driverís license is not guaranteed upon completion of the program. Depending on the current status of your license, you may be required to take the driverís exam and/or in-vehicle skills test at the DDL when finished with this program.

Driver Rehabilitation Evaluation*:

The evaluation usually consists of the following two steps and can last approximately 2-3 hours. If it is determined by the therapist that additional time may be warranted it will be discussed on a case by case basis.
* This portion varies due to the individual client, the primary diagnosis and if any co-morbidity. For example, a client with a primary diagnosis of a visual impairment, brain injury or stroke, would require an assessment with a report from an Ophthalmologist prior to participation in our Driving Program.


This required portion consists of a variety of screening tools, assessments and standardized tests of skills of physical, cognitive, visual, reaction time to determine and establish a preliminary base line of  the clients abilities, their potential to operate a motor vehicle and if warranted, with what type of adaptive equipment, modifications may be needed.


Behind the Wheel* (in-vehicle)

This evaluation will assess the clientsí abilities to control the vehicle in various road situations. This evaluation is performed only if the client has demonstrated the necessary physical, visual, cognitive and reaction skills during the clinical portion. If adaptive equipment is required to meet the individualsí physical needs, it will be introduced at this time.* Clients are required to have a current permit or driverís license to participate in this part of the evaluation.



A summary report is provided, detailing the clientís abilities and impairments with regard to their driving capacity and recommendations:

-  To provide objective data on the client's ability to drive safely.

-  To provide objective data regarding the clientís abilities in relation to a disability.

-  To help identify specific driving related abilities and retrain the client to compensate for functional impairments or acquire new skills and/or adaptive equipment. 

      Equipment Prescription:

If warranted, this includes a written Prescription with recommendations for adaptive equipment and or vehicle modifications for the clientís vehicle to be completed by an appropriate equipment vendor and modifier/installer.

Fitting and Inspection:

Once the vendor has installed and/or modified the vehicle, a final fitting and inspection will ensure that the prescribed equipment and /or vehicle modifications are precisely positioned and properly adjusted for optimum client performance.

      Driver Rehabilitation Training:

If needed, training can begin with those skills that require practice/instruction as determined by the Evaluation and recommendations. If required, the client will be oriented to any adaptive equipment they may need. The duration of this training will be determined by the therapist and is subject to change based upon the clientís progress and performance during the driving sessions.

These services are often not covered under insurance plans. Please check with your insurance carrier to determine coverage. There are also a few sources that may help you with payment:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  •  Workerís Compensation

  •  Veteranís Administration

  •  Commercial Insurance

  •  Medical Assistance

If you think you may qualify for any of these services, we recommend you follow up with them at this time.

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