Indications for Referral

  • To assess the clientís functional abilities and impairments and establish needed skill building strategies for community mobility.

  • To determine needs, and therefore, prescribe and train in the use of adaptive equipment and/or vehicle modifications.  

 Concerned about your older patients and their ability to drive safely?

The AMAís assignment of ethical responsibility to physicians for addressing these abilities has made this an ongoing issue of great importance for many of your colleagues.

As a physician you are on the front lines of observing functional declines, medical conditions and progressive diseases that can jeopardize an older adultís ability to drive safely.

Driving can be a difficult topic to address particularly when there is the risk of damaging the Doctor-Patient relationship. As the number of older drivers increase, patients and their families will turn to their physicians for guidance on safe driving. You can turn to us!

DRIVABILITIES can be your answer to addressing driving issues with specialized Driver Assessment/Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy.

For example, the UFOV (Useful Field of View) is considered by many, to be a breakthrough in Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation. The UFOV measures how drivers process visual information. Researchers have found that poor performance on the UFOV was directly linked to increased risk of car crashes (JAMA, 4/08/98). 

Occupational Therapy can optimize and prolong an older patientís ability to drive safely by identifying strengths as well as physical or cognitive challenges.

We look forward to being a positive resource for you and your patients.

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